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 Jun. 14, 2024  Update Rechargeable battery-powered sterilization logger that can be used in high-temperature environments

 Jun. 12, 2024  News Successful development of technology that increases maximum operating temperature of all-solid-state battery to 150℃

 Jan. 22, 2024  Update Added new article "Solving issues: equipment monitoring system"

 Nov. 20, 2023  News Maxell's PSB401010H all-solid-state battery employed in Nikon's multi-turn absolute encoder

 Oct. 26, 2023  News Development of cylindrical all-solid-state battery (PSB23280) that can also be applied to main power applications

 Jul. 20, 2023  News Maxell develops energy harvesting-compatible evaluation kit using an all-solid-state battery in conjunction with the ROHM group

 Feb. 28, 2023  News Maxell in joint development of low current consumption power supply module kit for evaluation using ROHM's "Nano Energy(TM)" mounted power supply IC and Maxell's all-solid-state battery, aiming to expand the adoption of all-solid-state batteries

 Nov. 04, 2022  Update Updated technical information papers "Introduction of All-solid-state Battery"

 Sep. 29, 2022  News Maxell adds new lineup to high-capacity ceramic packaged all-solid-state battery

 Jul. 25, 2022  News Maxell Commercializes High-capacity Ceramic Packaged All-Solid-State Battery

 Oct. 13, 2021  News 1st in the World to Start Sample Shipment of Sulfide Based Coin Type All-solid-state Battery Specialized for High Voltage and High Output (Maxell investigation)

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Key features of Maxell’s all-solid-state batteries

Wide discharge temperature range

Wide discharge temperature range

Discharging in a discharge temperature range from low temperature of -50 deg. C to high temperature of +125 deg. C, that existing lithium-ion batteries cannot handle, is now possible.

Long battery life of 20 years

Long battery life of 20 years∗1

Maxell’s all-solid-state batteries have a long battery life of 20 years, which was difficult to achieve with existing batteries. As they can reduce the need for frequent maintenance such as battery replacement, they can contribute to infrastructure monitoring in harsh environments and measures against decrease in the working population.

High capacity and high output

High capacity and high output∗2

Discharge at a high rate is made possible by adopting sulfide-based solid electrolytes with high ionic conductivity. Devices can thus be converted into IoT devices such as real-time-monitoring instruments with low-power-consumption wireless communication including Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE), LPWA, etc.

No liquid leakage, explosion, or ignition

No liquid leakage, explosion, or ignition

There are no concerns such as liquid leakage, explosion, or ignition, so high safety∗3 is a feature of the batteries. We also envision use in the medical and healthcare fields where safety, in addition to use in harsh environments, is a requirement.

  • Long battery life of 20 years: Predicted life at room temperature determined from the acceleration factor.
  • High capacity and high output: Characteristics equivalent to the rated capacity of 8mAh and the maximum discharge current of 20mA of Maxell’s coin-type lithium-ion rechargeable battery (927 size) despite being an all-solid-state battery.
  • Safety: No ignition or smoke generation is seen in various safety tests such as heating at +350 deg. C, nail penetration, and external short circuit.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy is a registered trademark of US Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Product categories and specifications

Application examples

Industrial use

  • FA devices (back-up)
  • Automotive devices
  • Environmental sensors
  • Infrastructure

Consumer use

  • Wearable devices
  • Hearing aids
  • Healthcare devices
Application examples of all-solid-state battery

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