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  • Ceramic package type
All-solid-state Battery Ceramic package type


Maxell's proprietary technologies include surface treatment, mixing, dispersion, coating, molding, and encapsulation. These specialized technologies are what enable Maxell’s all-solid-state batteries to achieve both high capacity and high load∗1.

All-solid-state batteries inherently exceed conventional lithium-ion batteries in longevity∗2 and heat resistance, making Maxell’s all-solid-state battery apt for applications that were once inaccessible due to the limitations of conventional lithium-ion batteries.

Maxell has lined up 2 types of exterior to propose a specification to meet customer’s request.

  • Coin type
  • Ceramic packaged type



 Nov. 20, 2023  News Maxell's PSB401010H all-solid-state battery employed in Nikon's multi-turn absolute encoder

 Oct. 26, 2023  News Development of cylindrical all-solid-state battery (PSB23280) that can also be applied to main power applications

 Jul. 20, 2023  News Maxell develops energy harvesting-compatible evaluation kit using an all-solid-state battery in conjunction with the ROHM group

 Feb. 28, 2023  News Maxell in joint development of low current consumption power supply module kit for evaluation using ROHM's "Nano Energy(TM)" mounted power supply IC and Maxell's all-solid-state battery, aiming to expand the adoption of all-solid-state batteries

 Nov. 04, 2022  Update Updated technical information papers "Introduction of All-solid-state Battery"

 Sep. 29, 2022  News Maxell adds new lineup to high-capacity ceramic packaged all-solid-state battery

 Jul. 25, 2022  News Maxell Commercializes High-capacity Ceramic Packaged All-Solid-State Battery

 Oct. 13, 2021  News 1st in the World to Start Sample Shipment of Sulfide Based Coin Type All-solid-state Battery Specialized for High Voltage and High Output (Maxell investigation)

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What is All-solid-state Battery?

All-solid-state Battery is a battery that can be expected to improve not only safety but also battery life and heat resistance by replacing liquid electrolyte used in lithium-ion batteries with solid electrolyte.

Conventional lithium-ion batteries

Conventional lithium-ion batteries

All-solid-state Battery

All-solid-state Battery

Maxell’s small-sized all-solid-state batteries have successfully achieved high heat resistance and long life by using argyrodite-type solid electrolyte which has high electrochemical stability, ionic conductivity, and moldability. This made it possible to suppress increase in resistance caused by repeated charging and discharging or long-term storage, and resulted in successful improvement of discharge capacity during high load compared to conventional liquid type lithium-ion batteries.


Coin type
Ceramic packaged type
Bipolar type
Maxell's analog core technologies

Combining Maxell’s analog core technologies, such as “Mixing & Dispersion Technology" and "High Precision Molding & Forming Technology", and know-hows cultivated through manufacturing lithium-ion batteries and micro batteries for many years, high performance and high reliability of its all-solid-state battery has been achieved.

By using ceramic package for its exterior, balancing of high heat resistance and high sealing properties∗3 have been actualized, while maintaining capacity and output characteristics of the coin type all-solid-state battery.

Moreover, by adopting a bipolar structure, coin type all-solid-state battery specialized for high voltage and high input/output∗4 has successfully been achieved to meet diversifying demand of the market.


Wide operating temperature range

  Coin type can be discharged at the temperature range from -50 to +125 degrees C

  Bipolar type can be discharged at the temperature range from -60 to +125 degrees C

  Ceramic packaged type can be surface mounted on circuit board

High safety

  No leakage of electrolyte and can be used in a severe environment∗5

Long life

  20 years minimum performance stability∗6

High capacity, high output

  High rate discharge by adopting sulfide based solid electrolyte with high ion conductivity

  High output more than 5V by adopting a bipolar structure

Features of all-solid-state batteries

“Ceramic packaged type all-solid-state battery” with high heat resistance and high sealing properties

  By employing ceramic packaging, balance of high heat resistance with high sealing properties have been actualized, while maintaining capacity and output characteristics of the coin type all-solid-state battery.

Image of Ceramic Packaged Sulfide Based All-solid-state Battery and Surface mount

Left: Ceramic Packaged Sulfide Based All-solid-state Battery

Right: Image of surface mount

  • Can be surface mounted on circuit board (reflow soldering)
  • High sealing properties

Application examples

Taking advantage of its characteristics such as high heat resistance and long life, Maxell’s all-solid-state battery can be the solution for applications where the conventional lithium-ion batteries have caused limitation.

Consumer use

  • Wearable devices
  • Hearing aids
  • Healthcare devices

Industrial use

  • FA devices (back-up)
  • Automotive devices
  • Environmental sensors
  • Infrastructure
Application examples of all-solid-state batteries
  • Maxell’s all-solid-state battery has equivalent characteristics to Maxell’s coin type lithium-ion battery CLB927 which has the nominal capacity of 8mAh and the maximum discharge rate of 20mA.
  • The number of the days that 80% capacity can be maintained is 35 days for CLB927, while that for all-solid-state battery is 100 days or more from the results of acceleration test at 60 degrees C storage.
  • 10-11(Pa・m³/sec) was achieved in an after reflow helium leak test, while standard coin type battery resulted in the level of 10-8(Pa・m³/sec). Reference - JIS Z 2330
  • Compared to the coin type all-solid-state battery released in September 2020.
  • Neither fire or smoke are observed after safety tests such as heat test at 200 degrees C, nail penetration and external short circuit.
  • Battery life at room temperature predicted by acceleration test factor.
  • Heat resistance of over 250 degrees C is confirmed. Please contact at your nearest Maxell office for the conditions.
Ceramic packaged typeCeramic packaged type
Size Length(mm) 10.5 14.5
Width(mm) 10.5 14.5
Height(mm) 4.0 4.0
Weight(g) 1.4 2.7
Voltage(V) 2.6 2.6
Current(mA) 4.0 8.0
Temp.(C/F) -20 to +105/-4 to 221 -20 to +105/-4 to 221
End Voltage(V) 0 0
Maximum current∗1(mA) 30.0 60.0
Temp.(C/F) -50 to +125/-58 to 257 -50 to +125/-58 to 257
Maximum operating temperature for 10 years of use∗2(C/F) 105/221 105/221
Nominal Voltage(V) 2.3 2.3
Nominal Capacity(mAh) 8.0 16.0
Features Surface mountable
  • Maximum current that can maintain 1.8V or more after discharge for 1 second in fully charged state at 25C/77F
  • Upper limit that 10% of recovery capacity is maintained after continuous storage for 10 years, derived by Maxell’s life prediction based on various evaluations and analyses
  • Data and dimensions are not guaranteed.
  • Specifications and appearances of the battery are subject to change without notice.
Coin typeCoin type
Size Diameter(mm) 9.5 9.5
Height(mm) 1.95 2.65
Charge(CCCV) Voltage(V) 2.6 2.6
Current(mA) 4.0 4.0
Temp.(C/F) -20 to +105 / -4 to 221
Discharge(CC) End Voltage(V) 0 0
Current∗1(mA) 45.0 45.0
Temp.(C/F) -50 to +125/-58 to 257
Nominal Voltage(V) 2.3 2.3
Nominal Capacity(mAh) 6.0 8.0
Features Longevity, High output
  • Maximum current that can be maintained at 1.8V or more after discharge for 1 sec.
  • Data and dimensions are not guaranteed.
  • Specifications and appearances of the battery are subject to change without notice.
Bipolar typeBipolar type
Size Diameter(mm) 9.5
Height(mm) 1.95
Voltage(V) 5.2
Nominal Voltage(V) 4.6
Nominal Capacity(mAh) 2.5
Features High voltage, High output, Quick charge
  • Data and dimensions are not guaranteed.
  • Specifications and appearances of the battery are subject to change without notice.

All-solid-state Batteries

Q1.What is differentiation point of Maxell's all-solid-state batteries?

A1. Maxell's all-solid-state batteries can be differentiated by the fact that they are developed, designed and manufactured using Maxell's unique analog core technologies of "mixing and dispersion" and "precision coating".

Q2.What are the greatest features of Maxell's all-solid-state batteries?

A2. The features of Maxell's all-solid-state batteries are that they use argyrodite-type sulfide based solid electrolyte to achieve long life, high heat resistance, high capacity, and high output.

Q3.What kind of technologies utilized in developing all-solid-state batteries?

A3. he Maxell's coin type all-solid-state battery has been realized by combining our proprietary material technologies with process technologies such as mixing, molding, and sealing. The material and process technology have been cultivated mainly by lithium-ion battery and micro battery business, respectively. Additionally, "Monozukuri-ryoku", the manufacturing capabilities cultivated through manufacturing lithium-based batteries, is also being utilized.

Q4.What are the advantages of Maxell’s all-solid-state batteries compared to oxide based all-solid-state batteries?

A4. Maxell uses argyrodite-type solid electrolyte made by Mitsui Kinzoku, which is not only highly ion conductive but also soft and easy to mold at room temperature. This makes it more advantageous to demonstrate Maxell's analog core technologies such as dry mixing and dispersion, molding and sealing. Additionally, since the electrolyte does not require sintering process that is indispensable for oxide based solid electrolytes, the choice of materials is expanded, and battery characteristics can be dramatically improved.

Q5.What kind of applications are suitable for Maxell's all-solid-state batteries?

A5.They are suitable for use in wearable devices that require high output as well as high safety and reliability for communication. Additionally, they are suitable for IoT, in-vehicle, FA devices that they are used in harsh environments and used for long period of time.

Besides, ceramic packaged type is surface mountable on circuit board by reflow soldering.

Q6.When is the mass production scheduled for?

A6.In FY2023.

Bipolar technology

Q1.Are there any limitations to realize higher voltage with stacking structure?

A1. No limitations in theory. Maxell will propose specifications to meet customer’s request.

Q2.Is it possible to apply bipolar technology to automotive applications?

A2. Bipolar technology is considered to be highly compatible in applications where high output and high energy are required, such as HEVs.

Q3.In what way did you succeeded in expanding the operating temperature range?

A3. Especially the lower temperature range has been successfully expanded because Maxell’s bipolar technology enables all-solid-state batteries to have higher voltage while suppressing resistance increase.

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