Ceramic-packaged all-solid-state battery
Ceramic-packaged all-solid-state battery

Heat resistance and high sealing property∗1 have been achieved by adopting a ceramic package as the exterior package. Mounting on a circuit board by reflow soldering method∗2 is possible.

Ceramic-packaged all-solid-state battery, power supply module kit for evaluation
Ceramic-packaged all-solid-state battery,
power supply module kit for evaluation

Maxell’s all-solid-state batteries can be easily evaluated with a low-current-consumption*3 power supply module kit for evaluation using a boosting DC-DC converter IC which installs Nano Energy™ ultra-low-current-consumption∗3 technology of ROHM Co., Ltd.

  • In a helium leak test, a level of 10-11(Pa・m³/sec) was achieved. The sealability of a general coin-type battery is 10-8(Pa・m³/sec) level. Refer to JIS Z 2330.
  • The heat resistance at the +245 deg. C level is confirmed in the reflow process. For detailed conditions, please contact Maxell.
  • Low current consumption: Static current (at non-switching) 180 nA (typ.) of the boosting DC-DC converter IC (BD8B133NVX). For details, refer to the product page of the Nano Energy™ ultra-low-current-consumption technology. https://www.rohm.com/support/nano#anc-02
  • Nano Energy™ is a trademark or registered trademark of ROHM Co., Ltd.

Specifications of ceramic packaged all-solid-state battery

Model Mass produced 
 Under development 
Size Length(mm) 10.5 14.5
Width(mm) 10.5 14.5
Height(mm) 4.0 4.0
Weight(g) 1.4 2.7
Charge(CCCV) Voltage(V) 2.6 2.6
Current(mA) 4.0 8.0
Temperature(deg. C) -20∼+115 -20∼+115
Discharge(CC) End Voltage(V) 1.0 1.0
Lower limit voltage(V) 0 0
Maximum current∗4(mA) 30.0 60.0
Temperature(deg. C) -50∼+125 -50∼+125
Nominal Voltage(V) 2.3 2.3
Nominal Capacity∗5(mAh) 8.0 16.0
Features Surface mountable

∗4 Maximum discharge current: Maximum current value that can maintain a level of 1.8 V or more after discharging for 1 second in the initial fully charged state under a +25 deg. C environment.

∗5 Nominal capacity: Capacity measured at charging (CCCV: 4.0mA/2.6V/15h cut-off), discharging (0.05mA/E.V.=1.0V), and an environmental temperature of +23 deg. C.

  • Data and dimensions are not guaranteed values.
  • Please note that specifications and external appearance may be changed.

Power supply module kit for evaluation of ceramic-packaged all-solid-state battery

Maxell and ROHM Co. Ltd.(ROHM) jointly developed the low-current-consunption power supply module kit for evaluation, using boosting DC-DC convertre IC, which installs the Nano-Energy™ ultra-low-current-consumption technorogy of ROHM The aim of this kit is that many customers can adopt the ceramic-packaged all-solid-state battery at an early stage by simplifying the evaluation.

For inquiries on the power supply module kit, please contact Maxell through the form linked below.

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