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 Jul. 19, 2024  Update Added new technical article "Overview of lead-free galvanic cell-type oxygen sensors"

 Jul. 12, 2024  Update Maxell's new "Batteries Catalog" has been released.

 Jun. 12, 2024  News Maxell will exhibit at the "Houston Build Expo" to be held from Wednesday, 26th June to Thursday, 27th (Booth No.308, in Houston, U.S.A.) to introduce airtight materials (M.A.P. system).

 Jun. 10, 2024  News From Tuesday, 9th July to Thursday, 11th 2024, Maxell will exhibit at the "SEMICON WEST" (Venue: Moscone Center, USA, Booth No.1273), to introduce tapes for semiconductor manufacturing process and electroforming (EF2: Electro-Fine-Forming) technology.

 May. 31, 2024  Update Released "Technical Articles" web page.

 May. 31, 2024  News Started foundry services specializing in small-lot, high-volume products such as FOWLP.

 Mar. 1, 2024  News "All-Solid-State Batteries" presentation at the renowned 41st International Battery Seminar in Orlando, Florida.

 Nov. 20, 2023  News Maxell's PSB401010H all-solid-state battery employed in Nikon's multi-turn absolute encoder

 Oct. 26, 2023  News Development of cylindrical all-solid-state battery (PSB23280) that can also be applied to main power applications

 Aug. 21, 2023  Update Added characteristic data of high-capacity "Air Patch Battery II" to technical infomation papers

 Jul. 20, 2023  News Maxell develops energy harvesting-compatible evaluation kit using an all-solid-state battery in conjunction with the ROHM group

 Jul. 13, 2023  News Development of "Air Patch Battery II" thin high-capacity flexible battery

 Jun. 21, 2023  Notice Discontinuation of KE series leaded galvanic cell-type oxygen sensors

 Feb. 28, 2023  News Maxell in joint development of low current consumption power supply module kit for evaluation using ROHM's "Nano Energy(TM)" mounted power supply IC and Maxell's all-solid-state battery, aiming to expand the adoption of all-solid-state batteries

 Jan. 01, 2023  Update Updated Safety Data Sheet

 Dec. 28, 2022  Update Downloads - Certificates and documents related to battery products

 Nov. 04, 2022  Update Updated technical information papers "Introduction of All-solid-state Battery"

 Sep. 29, 2022  News Maxell adds new lineup to high-capacity ceramic packaged all-solid-state battery

 Sep. 13, 2022  News Maxell develops the CLB640 coin type high capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a diameter of approx. 6mm and approx. 1000 charge/discharge cycle characteristics

 Sep. 13, 2022  Update Released "Handling of Batteries" Web page

 Aug. 31, 2022  Update Batteries Catalog(PDF) revised

 Jul. 25, 2022  News Maxell Commercializes High-capacity Ceramic Packaged All-Solid-State Battery

 Jun. 15, 2022  News Maxell Adds new lineup to Air Patch(TM) Battery for Medical, Healthcare Services, and Logistics

 Jun. 13, 2022  Update  Renewed "Batteries" Website for business and released a new video "Batteries - Product Overview"

 Apr. 08, 2022  Update Data sheet for high-capacity cylindrical type CR battery "CR17500AU" added

 Oct. 13, 2021  News 1st in the World to Start Sample Shipment of Sulfide Based Coin Type All-solid-state Battery Specialized for High Voltage and High Output (Maxell investigation)

 Apr. 13, 2021  News KE-25F3LFM (Lead-Free, Suitable for medical devices) Added to lineup

 Feb. 17, 2021  News Maxell develops cylindrical type lithium manganese dioxide battery "CR17500AU" with industry's highest capacity suitable for IoT devices

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