Precision mold/Circuit board EMS/LCD Panel Repair and Assembly

Maxell Joei Tech has primarily developed advanced technologies, systems, and processes designed to ensure high quality, as well as expertise in the following product categories: molding die and plastic molding, LCD panel/product assembly, and printed circuit board EMS. Maxell Joei Tech intends to continue providing products and services across a diverse range of business sectors to help realize an even more prosperous society.



Ultra-precision mold and Precision plastic molding

We expertise in ultra-precision mold and lens molding technology from small diameter for imaging optics to thick and larger diameter for illumination optics. We are here to offer you the best solutions, with our mass-manufacturing in and out of country.

Circuit board EMS

We offer total production from surface mounting, circuit board assembly to final products.

For surface mounting, we support various component mounting technologies including increased component mounting density, reduced chip component size, QFPIC, BGA, CSP and flip chips. The integration of these advanced technologies allows us to high production quality We always seek the better way by achieve low cost and quality. incorporating the latest technologies such as in-line automatic visual inspection system using light reflection. We deliver the solutions to our customers' specific and extensive demands, from assembly to final products, including adjustments to electrical characteristics.

LCD Panel repair and assembly

We repair imaging devices such as TV, LCD projector and PC, and assemble and repair LCD panels and plasma panels with our special techniques accumulated in our long years of experience in TV production. We also provide prototypes of various panels and accept consignment manufacturing from a small lot.

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