Thin flexible battery suitable for medical healthcare patch applications

  • Drug delivery (insulin, painkillers, etc.)
  • Vital data monitoring (blood glucose levels, electrocardiography, body temperature, skin condition, etc.)

* This product is under development. The specifications and appearance are those provided at the time of publication.
* Please note that specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.
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Jun. 15, 2022 News Maxell Adds new lineup to Air Patch Battery for Medical, Healthcare Services, and Logistics


Does not use harmful or dangerous materials

・The electrolyte is a neutral, water-based solution that is safe, even if it comes into contact with your skin.

・Since the electrolyte is a water solution, there is no danger of ignition or fire.


Lightweight, thin and flexible

・Comfortable even when attached to your body.

High capacity and high energy density

・More than twice that of conventional sheet type batteries using water-based solutions.


Medical and healthcare patches (medical sensing, drug delivery)

IoMT and wearable devices

Disposable devices

Air Patch Battery

Image of medical patch

Air Patch Battery

Air PatchTM Battery


ModelDimensions (mm)Nominal Capacity (mAh)Nominal Voltage (V)Nominal Discharge Current (mA)Volumetric energy density (Wh/L)
AP071520 15×20×0.75 10 1.2 0.1 53
AP092530 25×30×0.95 40 0.3 67
AP095055 50×55×0.95 250 2 114
Air Patch Battery
seat Battery

Maxell’s thin flexible battery is a simple structure formed with thin sheet materials.

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