Coin type all-solid-state battery
Coin type all-solid-state battery

The coin type all-solid-state batteries are developed by combining the development and manufacturing know-how of lithium-ion batteries and micro batteries that Maxell has cultivated over many years.

In 2021, Maxell developed the bipolar type all-solid-state battery with features of high voltage and high output∗1 to respond to variety of market needs.

  • High voltage and high output: Comparison with the coin type all-solid-state battery released in September 2020.

Specifications of coin type & bipolar type all-solid-state batteries

Coin type Under development 

Size Diameter(mm) 9.5 9.5
Height(mm) 1.95 2.65
Voltage(V) 2.6 2.6
Current(mA) 4.0 4.0
(deg. C)
End voltage(V) 1.0 1.0
Lower limit voltage(V) 0 0
Maximum current∗2(mA) 45.0 45.0
(deg. C)
Nominal voltage(V) 2.3 2.3
Nominal capacity∗3(mAh) 5.5 8.0
Features Long life, High output

∗2 Maximum discharge current: Maximum current value that can maintain a level of 1.8V or more after discharging for 1 second in the initial fully charged state under a +25 deg. C environment.

∗3 Nominal capacity: Capacity measured at charging (CCCV: 4.0mA/2.6V/15h cut-off), discharging (0.05mA/E.V.=1.0V), and an environmental temperature of +23 deg. C.

  • Data and dimensions are not guaranteed values.
  • Please note that specifications and external appearance may be changed.

Bipolar type Under development 

Size Diameter(mm) 9.5
Height(mm) 1.95
Voltage(V) 5.2
Nominal voltage(V) 4.6
Nominal capacity(mAh) 2.5
Features High voltage, High output, Quick charge

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