Solving issues in history management for high-pressure steam sterilizers
Rechargeable battery-powered sterilization logger that can be used in high-temperature environments


High-pressure steam sterilizers (autoclaves) are sterilization equipment mainly used in medical institutions, research facilities, pharmaceutical plants, food manufacturing, etc. They sterilize medical instruments and other items by exposing them to high-temperature, high-pressure steam to sterilize microorganisms∗1 attached to them. For example, in the medical field, it is used to sterilize tweezers and shears under saturated vapor pressure environment of 2 atmospheres and 120 deg. C as a measure against infection. In a high-pressure steam sterilizer, the temperature and the pressure inside the sterilizer are adjusted and controlled to complete the process in a predetermined time. However, if more than the specified numbers of instruments are put in the sterilizer, the environment inside the sterilizer may become uneven, resulting in insufficient sterilization effects.

To prevent such a situation, the use of sterilization loggers to record sterilization conditions and to obtain sterilization history is effective for validation. In this case, the sterilization logger must be powered by a battery that provides a stable power supply under high temperature conditions.

∗1 sterilize microorganisms: The probability of survival of microorganisms is less than one in a million.



(1) Power supply in high temperature environments

(2) Reduction of battery replacement frequency

Since high-pressure steam sterilizers are sealed and cannot be powered from the outside, sterilization loggers used in the sterilizer must be battery operated. However, the inside of sterilizers during sterilization can be a harsh and hot environment for batteries.

In addition, current sterilization loggers are powered by on-time use primary batteries, which must be replaced periodically.

An example of temperature logger for sterilization

An example of temperature logger for sterilization


By incorporating Maxell's compact, heat-resistant∗2 all-solid-state batteries into sterilization loggers, sterilization loggers can be used in high-temperature environments, such as steam sterilizers, where an external power supply is not available. In addition, since the all-solid-state battery is a rechargeable battery that can be used repeatedly, the frequency of battery replacement can be reduced and the burden on the operator can be alleviated.

∗2 Heat-resistant: Mass production specification products can be discharged up to +125 deg. C. The heat resistance is high compared to that of general lithium-ion batteries.

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