External image of cylindrical all-solid-state battery
External image of cylindrical all-solid-state battery

A cylindrical all-solid-state battery achieves its large capacity∗1 due to a newly-developed cylindrical exterior body with high sealing property∗2, while retaining long-term reliability∗3 and heat resistance.

Features of the PSB23280 cylindrical all-solid-state battery

  • 25 times the capacity (200mAh) of ceramic packaged all-solid-state batteries (PSB401010H)
  • Wide temperature range from -50 to +125 deg. C
  • Size can be customized according to market needs

There has recently been an increase in the need for larger capacity all-solid-state batteries that can also be applied to main power applications including sensing applications such as infrastructure monitoring. The new cylindrical all-solid-state battery under development is responding to such requirement.

  • Large capacity: Compared to the capacities of ceramic packaged all-solid-state batteries.
  • High sealability: In a helium leak test, a level of 10-11(Pa・m³/sec) was achieved. The sealability of a general coin battery is 10-8(Pa・m³/sec). Refer to JIS Z 2330.
  • Long-term reliability: Maxell’s life prediction result based on various evaluations and analyses.

Specifications of cylindrical all-solid-state battery   Under development  

Dimension Diameter(mm) 22.7
Height(mm) 27.3
Weight(g) 22
Charge(CCCV) Voltage(V) 2.6
Temperature(deg. C) -20∼+105
Discharge(CC) End voltage(V) 1.0
Lower limit voltage(V) 0
Temperature(deg. C) -50∼+125
Nominal voltage(V) 2.3
Nominal capacity∗4(mAh) 200

∗4 Nominal capacity: Measured capacity while charging (CCCV: 100mA/2.6V/2.0mA cut-off) and discharging (20mA/E.V.=1.0V) in an environmental temperature of +23 deg. C.

  • Data and dimensions are not guaranteed.
  • Specifications and appearances of the battery are subject to change without notice.

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