Maxell has Transcription Lead of Electroforming method (click here for more information on electroforming) for semiconductor packages such as diodes, power protection ICs, voltage regulators, and DC/DC converters.

A lead frame is a thin metal substrate and Maxell's Transcription Lead frame is used only the electroformed part when making semiconductor packages compared to lead frames made by general stamping or etching methods. That’s why our lead frame can realize thinner semiconductor packages. (When packaging, user peel off our Transcription Lead frame from base material (SUS) which holds the pad)

In addition, since the metal connection between patterns is unnecessary structurally (isolated pad is possible), user can save the area for connection. As a result, more semiconductor packages can be assembled from a single substrate (higher integration) compared to a general lead frame substrate of the same size, which allows for improving design freedom and smaller semiconductor packages.

Our transcription Lead frame can be easily applied to small-volume, high-mix requirements, realize lower costs and shorter delivery times for initial prototypes.

Release:August 19,2021


  1. Enables smaller and thinner semiconductor packages.
  2. Overhang solution at the top of the lead (structure to prevent peel off)
  3. Since the base material is metal, wobbling like that of general lead frames is suppressed, and excellent wire bonding.
  4. Unlike general lead frames, there are no metal connecting bars, which makes dicing faster and less blade wear, and also allows for higher package integration.


Process image


  • IC mounting Achievement: paste, DAF (die attach film), FCB (flip chip), etc.
  • Dicing: Individual pad formation possible = No metal cutting required
  • SMT: Au plating enables SMT (including solder ball connection) without additional processing after dicing.
  • Applications (examples): Voltage regulators, communication ICs, Li battery protection ICs, photo sensors, diodes, etc.


Pad thickness Overhang: 65±15µm, Semi-overhang: 60±15µm
Au thickness Min. 0.05µm
Ag thickness Min. 2.0µm
SUS thickness 150±10µm
Min. pitch from pad to pad Overhang: Min. 200µm, Semi-overhang: Min. 150µm
Sheet size 630×600mm (Effective area: 600×570mm)
Recommended strip size (example) 190.0×57.5mm: 30 strips/sheet, 200.0×70.0mm: 24 strips/sheet, Max. strip size: 300.0×100.0mm
IC Package thickness (After molding) Possible 0.3mm or less

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