SMT Soler Paste Stencil


SMT Solder Paste Stencil


  1. Even finishing of pattern apertures due to a large parallel light shielding device.
  2. High hardness (Hv450 - 550) and quality to last long.
  3. Smooth and even surface and inside of apertures which enables solder paste to flow well, lower the yield.
  4. Our original polishing processsing resolves the problem such as paste bleeding.
  5. The polishing process on the electroforming surface improves the accuracy of dimension of thickness.
Stencil size (Max.) 660mm × 540mm
Thickness 20µm - 500µm
Accuracy of Thickness ≤+/-8% of stencil thickness
Accuracy of Hole size ≤+/-10% of stencil thickness
Accuracy of total pitch ≤+/-20µm for 100mm range
Note available Half etching (pitch: 0.3mm)

Aperture close-up SEM photo

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