We are the leader and pioneer of ball bumping stencil, and we have stencils (additive mask) developed and manufactured by our electroforming technologies. Global IC substrate manufacturers adopt our stencil to manufacture various types of semiconductor IC package substrates. We have solder ball bumping, printing, and vapor deposition stencil. Regard solder ball bumping, we make most of our photolithography, electroforming, and processing technologies to create a special 3D structure that enables the ball bumping method.

We have achievement of bumping solder balls with a diameter of 50um or less, which can amazingly contribute to the bumping yield rate of our customers.

Since this is an in-house developed product, we can propose specifications such as apertures and thickness according to the customer's requirements.

Release: October 13, 2022

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Stencil for Flux/Paste Printing

Our photolithography technology realizes excellent vertical cross-sectional shape and high-precision hole dimensions of ±0.3µm (depending on conditions). It is also possible to form aperture that are smaller than the thickness.

We have various surface treatment solutions: besides we can control thickness. We can also propose a 3D structure for printing stencils, such as for bumping solder balls, which enables printing with less damage to the substrate. our electroforming technology achieves a high hardness of approximately HV500.

Image of Stencil for Flux/Paste Printing

Stencil for bumping solder balls

Our stencil has a special post structure to enable one-time mounting of solder balls and can bump solder balls with Φ50µm or more in mass production. (30µm or more is also possible in prototyping). In addition, by ensuring the flatness of the stencil, an excellent bumping yield rate is achieved.

In addition to the metal post, we also have resin post for bumping solder balls to meet customer needs.

Image of Stencil for bumping solder balls


Metal sizeEffective areaPitch (mass production)Thickness
Flux/Solder paste stencil Max. 550×550mm 350×350mm Min. 90µm Min. 15µm
Solder ball bumping stencil Max. 550×636mm

∗We have Φ30µm aperture stencil for prototyping

∗If you have further questions, please send us a message and one of our representatives will be in touch.

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