Maxell has a special two-layer electroforming stencil “AVP stencil®” that can freely control the ink delivery rate. It is a unique stencil that enables appropriate placement of the mesh part with a two-layer electroforming structure.

Release: August 19, 2021

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In the conventional method using emulsion stencils, the difference in the position of mesh intersection for each pattern causes the variation of ink delivery amount. Maxell's electroforming stencils have a special two-layers shape that aims to control the amount of ink delivery by placing the mesh intersections in the same position for each pattern. This structure reduces the variation of the ink delivery amount and enables high-precision printing.

  1. Excellent printability due to superior cross-sectional shape.
  2. The mesh opening is larger than the pattern opening, improving paste filling performance.
  3. Free mesh arrangement enables control of ink delivery volume.
  4. Excellent aperture size (dimensional accuracy of ±2µm, depending on conditions)

Structure (two-layer)

Image of AVP stencil


AVP (Appropriate Volume Print) stencils can be used for printing methods using sheet lamination and printing lamination and are suitable for small components such as high frequency inductors and capacitors.

∗ “AVP (Appropriate Volume Print) stencil” is a registered trademark of Maxell.


Total thickness 23±3µm∼ - -
Mesh (#380 mesh) Opening ∼56µm ±3µm ±2µm
Pattern line width Min.13µm ±3µm ±2µm
Frame size 320×320mm∼450×450mm - -

∗1: The values are the accuracy of products manufactured using emulsion or chrome masks. Other values are also available, so please contact us.

∗If you have further questions, please send us a message and one of our representatives will be in touch.

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