High-definition hybrid stencil (hereinafter referred to as "FMM") for evaporation of OLED display panels are used to deploy the RGB colors of organic materials in the OLED display manufacturing process. This FMM is a key component in OLED manufacturing, and higher precision (co-ordinate accuracy and definition) FMM is required.

EF2 technology can achieve high resolution of real RGB∗1600ppi or higher.

Most of the current OLED display panels are at the level of 350ppi-380ppi in terms of real RGB, where the pixels are formed by thinning out the light-emitting cells, and there has been a need for a higher-precision FMM to achieve real RGB of 600ppi or higher. EF2 technology enables high-precision apertures and achieve high-definition real RGB of 600ppi or higher for OLED display panels.

∗1 RealRGB: The term "real RGB" is used to distinguish a method that faithfully displays pixels with Red, Green, and Blue cells from a method that pseudo-displays pixels by thinning out the light-emitting cells.

Release: August 19, 2021

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EF2 stencil technology achieves real RGB∗1600ppi or higher

The aperture shape formed by EF2's unique photolithography and plating technologies can achieve real RGB∗1 of 600ppi or higher, and sharp deposition shape without corner R of the aperture.

Hybrid structure that integrates the invar material frame and the high-definition stencil section reduces man-hours

Maxell has a FMM that integrates an invar material frame with excellent thermal expansion characteristics and a high-definition stencil section formed with EF2 technology, thereby reducing deformation caused by thermal expansion and enabling easy installation in evaporation equipment.

Currently, “the de facto standard” etching process stencil requires each stencil to be put together with micron-level positional accuracy and set in the evaporation equipment, and panel manufacturers that support this process are required to have advanced integrated technology.

On the other hand, our FMM can reduce the man-hours required by panel manufacturers by supplying stencils with integrated frames. Furthermore, Our FMM have the advantage of being able to ensure the accuracy of individual stencils, making it possible to increase the size of stencils by integrating evaporation stencils.

High presicion pattern


Max. stencil metal size (effective size) 770×500mm (650×420mm)
Material (1)Pattern area: Ni (2)Support frame area: Invar (36Ni)
Thickness (1)Pattern area: 10µm (2)Support frame area: 1.0mm
Opening tolerance /Co-ordinate accuracy ±2µm/±5µm

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