Core Battery Technologies

Ever since 1963, when Maxell produced the first alkaline battery in Japan, Maxell has been continuing to achieve technological breakthroughs to meet the increasingly diversified needs of its customers for batteries. Utilizing battery technologies developed over this long period and manufacturing technologies for magnetic tape, Maxell is developing a wide range of unique technologies.

Materials Development

*Nano-silicon composite :Achieving high performance for lithium-ion batteries

By uniformly dispersing Maxell's new material "nano silicon composite"— a Li-ion conductor with nano-size silicon grains dispersed on it—and graphite, Maxell has increased the capacity of the negative electrode while maintaining the same cycle life of existing products.

*Heat-resistant separator

Maxell has developed the "heat-resistant separator"—a polyolefin microporous membrane coated with an inorganic particulate layer. Along with dramatically increasing heat resistance, the heat-resistant separator enhances safety without sacrificing performance.

Electrode technologies of lithium-ion batteries

*Dispersion technologies

Maxell has developed proprietary technology to uniformly disperse active materials, conductive aids, and binders with high accuracy. This technology contributes to smoother flows of ions and electrons and enables high-density packing.

*Coating technology

Maxell has achieved uniform coating of active materials by implementing micron-level control. This technology balances high energy density with stable characteristics.

In addition, precision slits enable highly accurate electrode travel and a sharp cutting edge, securing greater capacity and reliability.

*Winding technologies

Maxell has developed technologies capable of rolling up positive electrodes, negative electrodes, and separators with high accuracy and at high speed. Higher safety is assured by precisely controlling the positions of the various parts.

Production technologies

*Sealing technologies

Maxell has utilized proprietary technologies, such as laser-welding and crimping technologies, that have been developed over the past 50 years of battery production, and established highly reliable sealing technologies. These ensure superior leakage resistance in battery production.

*Miniaturization technology

In response to needs for greater miniaturization and higher functionality in medical, automotive, infrastructural and other applications requiring high reliability, Maxell has been engaged in the production of smaller batteries with high output power, such as the coin type lithium-ion rechargeable battery (CLB).

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