Battery Designation System (based on Ref.: IEC60086-1)

LetterNegative electrodeElectrolytePositive electrodeNominal Voltage (V)Maximum OCV(V)
- Zinc Zinc chloride Manganese dioxide 1.5 1.725
B Lithium Organic electrolyte Carbon monofluoride 3 3.7
C Lithium Organic electrolyte Manganese dioxide 3 3.7
E Lithium Non-aqueous inorganic Thionyl chloride 3.6 3.9
F Lithium Organic electrolyte Iron disulfide 1.5 1.83
G Lithium Organic electrolyte Copper oxide 1.5 2.3
L Zinc Alkali metal hydroxide Manganese dioxide 1.5 1.65
P Zinc Alkali metal hydroxide Oxygen 1.4 1.68
S Zinc Alkali metal hydroxide Silver oxide 1.55 1.63

Example : R20, SR44, SR927, CR2032, ER17/50, 2CR5 Note : Each company uses its own designation system like method 1 or 2 or entirely different method at its discretion.

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