Maxell's ceramic-packaged all-solid-state battery PSB401010H was subjected to a nail penetration test. As a result of the test, there was no ignition or smoking, and safety was confirmed.

∗ The test results are for reference only and do not guarantee the performance of the product.

Released in May, 2023.

Maxell's PSB401010H, a ceramic packaged all-solid-state battery, is combined with energy harvesting and environmental sensors to create a wireless sensor device. Examples of illuminance measurement and incident detection are introduced, as well as other application examples.

∗ This video is intended as a case study and does not guarantee operation.

Released in March, 2023.

Hot plate testing was conducted with our all-solid-state battery"PSB401010H" heating up to 200 degrees Celsius, demonstrating that the battery operates safely with LED continuous lighting even after hot plate was heated up to 200 degrees Celsius.

∗ The test results should be used for reference purposes only and are not a guarantee of battery's operating temperature range.

Released in January, 2023.

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