EMW absorber sheet applicable to high frequency band
(Millimeter-wave – Terahertz-wave)
Under development to meet with future demand for EMC at high frequency band (Beyond 5G)

  • EMW absorber of reflection type compatible at terahertz-wave band with high attenuation rate of 99% or more
  • EMW absorber sheet with transparency
    (transmittance : approx.60%)
  • It is possible to control absorption frequency.
  • Flexible sheet and easy to follow
  • Adhesive layer to attach easily on the target.


THz Wave Absorber Specifications

ItemUnder development
Frequency ~0.3THz
Ttype Sheet (with adhesive layer)
Material PET, resistive, dielectric & reflecting layers
Thickness 230um
Size 300mm
Method λ/4 type
Application Ultrafast communication
(Beyond 5G/6G)
Evaluation THz-TDS
Shielding property (dB) *typical -20 or less *Reflection




Radio wave

Basic structure


EMW absorption characteristics

Terahertz wave band

EMW absorption characteristic is adjustable to suit your needs.


EMW absorption mechanism

Reflection wave

First reflection wave on the surface is interfered by the following  
reflections – 2nd, 3rd … reflection waves will absorb the first wave.



EMC for “Beyond 5G”

Radio wave shielding box for experiment at Terahertz-wave

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