Magnetic Sensing Finger Tap Device UB-2


How much can you move your finger?

"Magnetic sensing finger tap device UB-2" is a new tool*1that allows you to understand the state of the brain through finger tapping movements.

The fingers are said to be the second brain, and many areas of the brain are involved in the work of the fingers.

It is expected as a method to know the health condition of the brain, and since it can quantify the delicate motor function of fingers, it can be used for research purposes such as healthcare, rehabilitation, and life support.

*1 a new tool: A product with a new concept not found in other companies. Maxell research as of Oct. 2019


* This device can be used only for research purposes.


Simple configuration

Simple configuration

1. Easy connection

It is a simple configuration that just connects the UB-2 main unit and a personal computer using a USB cable.

Bluetooth®connection is also possible by using a commercially available Bluetooth®adapter.

compact and lightweight design

2. Palm-sized compact and lightweight design

The compact and lightweight design makes it compact and easy to carry, so it can be measured anywhere.

It can be used in various scenes according to the research purpose.

The attached application "JustTap" is used for measurement.

3. Application "Just Tap"

The attached application "JustTap" is used for measurement.

Select from two measurement modes, simple mode and detailed mode. In the simple mode, you only need to perform a tapping motion for 30 seconds to complete the measurement.

Accurate measurement of finger movement with a magnetic sensor attached to the fingertip

1. Measurement device utilizing magnetism

The change in magnetic force that fluctuates due to the opening and closing movement of two fingers (finger tapping movement) is converted into an electric signal and converted into the distance between two fingers.



2. Reproduce finger movements with waveforms

A magnetic sensor attached to the fingertip samples the distance between two fingers at regular intervals to visualize finger movements.


A magnetic sensor attached to the fingertip samples the distance between two fingers at regular intervals to visualize finger movements.  

Parameters*2 (up to 248) can be calculated and analyzed immediately

1. Calculation and analysis of parameters of measurement data

The sampled distance data is time-differentiated, the velocity and acceleration are calculated, and the parameters that indicate the characteristics of finger movement are calculated and analyzed.


The attached application "Just Tap" can analyze 44 vriety parameters.

Item# of TypesContents
Distance 7 Evaluate how the magnitude of finger movement has changed
Velocity 15 Evaluate how fast your finger moves
Acceleration 10 Evaluate the momentum of finger movement
Tap interval 8 Evaluate tapping timing
Phase difference 4 Evaluate the cooperation between both hands


The measurement pattern of tapping motion can be set by combining left hand only, right hand only, both hands at the same time, and both hands alternating.
With these combinations, up to 248 parameters can be calculated.

2. Visualize measurement results

The value compared with the average value*3is displayed as a radar chart for each parameter.

Easy-to-read display using numerical values, figures, and colors, supports result judgment.


*2 Parameter: An index showing the characteristics of the waveform of tapping movement, and showing the characteristics of finger movement.

*3 Average value: A value calculated based on the data acquired by Maxell. (As of October 2019, Maxell research)

Free to use, detailed analysis of measurement data is possible, and new parameters can be created according to the purpose.

The measurement data is output to a CSV file as quantitative numerical values such as distance, speed, and acceleration.
From these numerical values, it is possible to confirm more detailed numerical values and trends in hand parameters that cannot be understood only by display or visual inspection on the application.



Up to 248 parameters can be calculated. It is also possible to create a new parameter amount according to the purpose.

Measured part Between transmission / reception coil at fingertip of right / left hand
Measurement method Electromagnetic induction method
Measurement range 22-210 mm (specified by the distance between sensor units)
(0-200 mm as the amount equivalent to the distance between the finger pads)
Accuracy guarantee range 22-130 mm (specified by the distance between sensor units)
(0-120 mm as the amount equivalent to the distance between the finger pads)
* In order to use as a guide for the measurement range and accuracy guarantee range at the time of actual measurement, it is assumed that the thickness of the thumb and index finger is 15 mm each.
Magnetic sensor cable strength 19.6N or more (Compatible with JIS T3101: 1979 3.4 pulling strength)
Magnetic flux density generated by the transmitting coil Home electro-magnetic therapy device Control value 0.18T or less (JIS T 2006)
Distance accuracy between sensors Within ± 10%
Distance accuracy between sensors 22-66mm: ± 10mm
Over 66 mm and 130 mm or less: ± 15%
Data analysis This function uses the distance between the sensors and the amount equivalent to the distance between the sensors as inputs, and calculates the movement parameter of the mass point when one of the fingers moves as a mass point by the amount equivalent to the distance. (It does not measure or calculate the actual fingertip movement parameters)
Tapping cycle 5Hz max
Sampling cycle 100Hz
Output data Digital data of the receiving coil voltage value according to the distance between the sensors
Number of bits 16 bits (0 to 65535)
Operating environment PC / AT compatibles (the number of devices that can be connected to one PC is one)
The monitor resolution must be 1024 x 768 pixels or more, and full-color display is possible.
Interface USB2.0
Measurement method Sensors are attached to the thumb and index finger
Sensor unit mounting method Band fixing method
Temperature Operation: + 5 to + 35 ° C
Charging: + 5 to + 35 ° C
Transportation / Storage: -10 to + 40 ° C
Humidity Operation: + 20 to + 80% RH (no condensation)
Charging: + 20 to + 80% RH (no condensation)
Transportation / Storage: + 20 to + 80% RH (no condensation)
Power supply DC5V, 1.6A
Outer dimensions W 69 x D 28 x H 140.5 mm
Weight 210g (main unit only, equipment not included)
Built-in battery Lithium-ion battery 3.7V / 3000mAh
Main accessories Magnetic sensor cable, USB cable, distance compensation block, sensor fixing band, AC adapter, "JustTap" application (CD), instruction manual (with warranty)

List of confirmed Bluetooth®adapters

- ELECOM Co., Ltd.:LBT-UAN05C1
- ELECOM Co., Ltd.:LBT-UAN05C2/N
- Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd.: MM-BTUD43
- Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd.: MM-BTUD44
- Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd.: MM-BTUD46
- Buffalo Inc. : BSBT4D100BK
- Buffalo Inc. : BSBT4D200BK
- Princeton Co., Ltd. : PTM-UBT7
- Princeton Co., Ltd. : PTM-UBT7X

* The operation check was performed by us under certain conditions.

* Some products may have their specifications changed after confirmation, so we do not guarantee their use.

Safety precautions

- Be sure to read the instruction manual carefully before use to ensure correct and safe use.

- This device has a built-in lithium-ion battery.

Incorrect use may cause liquid leakage, heat generation, explosion, or ignition.
Be sure to follow the "Dangers / Warnings / Precautions" as these may cause injury or equipment failure.

Handling under the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law

This device is a non-medical device and cannot be used for clinical diagnosis.

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