Circuit Design Technology

Circuit Design Technology

Maxell provides circuit design technology in the various fields, such as moving circuit for massage machine / controlling circuit for reclining seat and medical bed / PH controlling circuit for alkaline water ionizer. In addition, Maxell suports to design the High-reliability circuit such as waveform control for esthtetic equipment / motor control for shaver / power control for valious embedded devices / charge control for rechargeable battery.

Development results product (an Example)

-Esthetic apparatus
-Massage mechanism
-Water alkaline ionizer

Cooling technology of a Peltier device


-Cool beauty treatment to firm the skin by chilling less than -10°C compared with the room air temparature

Maxell realizes to chill less than -10°C compared with the room air temparature with optimal placement and structure of peltier elements which cools the titanium head having low heat conductivity efficiently

-The safe design considering feedback temparature of the peltier elements

Maxell confirms the safe design considering continuous use for feedback temparature of the cooling side of the peltier elements

Microheat technology


-The small and flexible microheater which Maxell developed by the etching processing

-The safe design to control heater temparature in 40°C

-The lip treatment equipment which the microheater we developed heats small head

-The stable temperature control in 40°C with the optimal structure of the micro heater and the thermistor

The negative ion technology


-The moisture electrified negative ion is supplied to be condensed water in the air with the peltier elements by Maxell's unique technology

-Maxell supplies the compact anion generating unit

Nanoion generation unit

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