Beauty household appliances

Usage and features of this product

Maxell supplies the beauty household appliances supporting everyday face, hair, and skin care. They are supported men's shaving, hair care, and face care at home.


Maxell supplies the shavers shaving deeply, speedily, and refreshingly.
Maxell realize grateful shaving with the rotary shaver equipped with "the optical drum leather blades" coated photocatalyst, and the reciprocating shaver equipped with "light wave catch blades".

Hair care product

Maxell supplies the hair beauty treatment products supporting everyday beautiful hair.
There make hair and skin beautiful using nanoanion, and the dryers discharging negative ion which custmers set their hair speedily with large air-capacity and variable nozzles giving hair moisture, and so on.

Skin care product

Maxell supplies the skin care appliances supporting everyday fair skin life.
There are the skin moisturizing products which support pore cleansing moisturizing skin using the ion, the cleansing products which clean pore easily, and which make around the eyes beautiful, and so on.

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