Precision Instrument Design Technology

Precision Instrument Design Technology

Maxell provides the mechanical design solution in the broad field, such as the High-performance ,lightweight and compact massage machine, Electric actuator, Electrolytic tank of water alkaline ionizer, Water purifier cartridge, Shaver (which is designed to precision instrument mechanism and high efficient power) and Esthetic equipments.

Development products (an Example)

-Massage machine for Massage Chair (Precision drive design/Actuator)

-Alkaline water ionizer (Electrolytic tank of functional water)

-Shaver (Precision knife technology)

Precision drive design technology

Massage Machine

Maxell provides the mechanical design solution such as the high-performance, lightweight and compact massage machine.

Electric Actuator

It is available for a wide use as a power assist, such as reclining seat and bed in the the healthcare and househould appliances.


-Various stroke ,speed and thrust

-Low noise and low cost design

-High repeatability

-There is little mechanical backslash

-Offer an exclusive controller

Outline specifications

-Power Supply: DC 100V

-Speed: 6mm/sec

-Thrust force: 960N(200kgf)

-Weight: 1.4kg(except a controller)

-Size: 293×148×96mm

-Stroke Basic Size: 267mm

-Mounting Hole: φ8mm

-Stroke: 128mm,90mm

**This specifications is our standard design specifications. In case of customer's order, it is necessary to make dies.

Use example

-Nursing care bed

-Electric office desk

-Electric reclining chair

Electrolytic tank for functional water

Flow of the water between the electrodes

Size of the electrolytic tank

TypeExistence diaphragm type
Model KM-SP7 KM-SP5 KM-SP3
Electrode constitution The number of the electrodes 7 5 3
Electrode material Ti Plate Ti Plate Ti Plate
  Pt Plating Pt Plating Pt Plating
Size (W×H×D, mm) 85×175×50 85×175×40 85×175×30

Maxell provides efficency compact electrolytic tank for superior functional water.

Maxell has seven pieces,five pieces,three pieces types of electrodes.


-High volume model electrolytic tank

-Spread type electrolytic tank

Precision Blade Technology

Maxell realizes the superior sharpness by precision blade technology such as the "Rotary shaver" which has the original drum leather inner blades, and "Wave catch blade" with wave mechanism in the reciprocate blades.

Outer Foil for Shaver

Maxell meets the needs of various custmers by an "Electro Fine Forming" technology.


-The suitable ciruit pattern design to search the sharpness of the blades

-The thickness accuracy +-3mm

-To correspond to trial manufacture on quick delivery

Inner Blade for Shaver

The drum leather blades in our unique technology.


-Maxell realizes sharp and smooth deep shaving

Trimming blade of shaver, Blade of beard trimmer, Blade of lady shaver


-precision work on blade edge, finishing work, thinner

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