Directly Connected Type Sanitized Water Generator MXZW-WM100


Water treated for bacteria elimination, kind to humans and the environment

It’s easy to use. Just attach the ozone water generator to a water faucet and turn on the faucet to generate ozone water which can eliminate bacteria. Running costs are low because no special water is required as raw material. Ozone water leaves water and oxygen after an oxidation reaction. It is water which has been treated for bacteria elimination, kind to both humans and the environment.

The body is compact and easy to install.

The body is compact with outer dimensions of width 125 mm x depth 46 mm x height 189 mm (protrusions not included). It weighs approx. 400 g (main unit only). It can be installed near a water faucet because of its small footprint. Installation in both vertical and horizontal positions is possible.

Ozone leaves no residue.

Ozone is made of oxygen in the air. After reacting with bacteria and viruses, it decomposes to oxygen and water. Unlike bacteria elimination with an antimicrobial, ozone leaves no residue or environmental load.

Does not cause antimicrobial-resistant bacteria to appear.

Ozone destroys the cell wall (membrane) of the bacterial cell through the chemical reactions of proteins and ozone, causing the cell components to leak out and thus both eliminating and preventing any further increase of bacteria. Unlike bacteria elimination with an antimicrobial, “antimicrobial-resistant bacteria” are not generated. This product works well in hospitals, animal hospitals, care facilities and others.


[Bacteria elimination methods]


∗Unlike bacteria elimination with an antimicrobial, ozone water (by damaging the cell membrane, etc.) does not cause antimicrobial-resistant bacteria to appear.

What is ozone?

The molecular formula of ozone is O3, which means it is made of oxygen (O2). Ozone is extremely unstable and reactive. It readily reacts with another substance to return to oxygen. It reacts with germs and odorous substances, eliminating bacteria and odors.

What is ozone?

Precautions for use

Sufficient ventilation in the place of use is required. If the place cannot be ventilated sufficiently, use the product in a wider indoor space where atmospheric dilution is expected, or in the semi-open/open air.

  • Use this product for the purpose of cleaning with owing or pooling water for a relatively long time (about 10 seconds or longer).
  • Secure a sufficient distance (50 cm or more) between the discharge opening and the operator or surrounding people.
  • Installation, or supervision of installation, of the product should only be carried out by a responsible person who is familiar with the conditions and factors involved.

Ozone water generation mechanism

ozone mechanism
JAN code 4902580759155
Power supply Dedicated power adapter (Input: 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, Output: 12 V DC, 1 A)
External dimensions 125 (width) x 46 (depth) x 189 (height) mm (not including protrusions)
Weight About 400 g (main unit only)
Operation temperature range 5 to 40℃
Ozone generation 100 mg/h
Ozone concentration About 0.2 mg/liter (at a ow rate of 4 liters/min)
Continuous generation time About 10 minutes
Accessories Microbubble mixer x 1, dedicated wrench x 1, dedicated power adapter x 1, silicon tube x 1 (about 150 cm), user manual(guarantee included), faucet adapter x 1 set, check valve x 2, screw and anchor x 1 each, air inlet lter x 5, cable tie x 5, mounting base x 4, adhesive tape x 2 sets

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