Compact and short fish-eye lens unit features Maxell's unique optical design and precise molding/assembling technology.

Having durability and sealability required for vehicle mounting, and suitable for AVM (Around View Monitor) camera system.

Angle of Horizontal View: more than 180° (fish-eye lens)

Designed for wide operation temperature range

Special hydrophobic coating to repel water droplets on the lens surface

IP6K9K conforming sealing structure to prevent water intrusion even during the car wash

Suitable for VGA to Mega-pixel image sensors

ItemAngle of Horizontal ViewSensor SizeResolution
VCB51A 180° 1/3.7 inch VGA
VCB63A 198° 1/4 inch Mega
VCC88D 190° 1/2.7 inch Mega
VCE36HT 190° 1/2.7 inch Mega

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