Professional Disc for XDCAM

Ideal phase change recording layer for dual layer

Maxell's dual layer recording and even higher recording density technology realized a large recording capacity of 50GB, twice the storage capacity of current single layer disc (23.3GB). In addition, by introducing new phase change recording material and recording layer structure which enabled to maintain uniformed thickness of middle recording layer, Maxell achieved to obtain wider recording power margin and rewriting durability with low error rate even after 1,000 times recording. Also highly accurate spin coating technology contributed to cover layer with smooth surface and outstanding uniformity in thickness, offers stable and reliable performance in recording and playback.

Highly durable hard coating technology

For high-density recording, dust and scratches can cause serious problems on accurate recording and playback. Maxell's highly durable hard coating technology solved these problems by providing static electricity discharge effect and avoiding dust, and protect discs from scratches on recording surface.

Sealed cartridge to guard disc

Highly precise molding technology makes it possible to provide extremely durable, dustproof sealed cartridge, together with hard coating technology, protect saved data from dust and scratches.

Better visibility of disc cartridge

By introducing red cartridge, it makes easier to identify dual layer cartridge from single layer (blue cartridge). Also semi-transparent hard case and index card corresponding to the cartridge colors are introduced for better and easier handling on filming and editing scenes.

Fig.1 Professional Disc layer structure

Fig.2 Recording power margin

Recording capacity 23.3GB 50GB
Data transfer ratePlayback Max. 172Mbps*/Max. 126Mbps Max. 126Mbps
Recording Max. 172Mbps*/Max. 86Mbps Max. 86Mbps
Laser wavelength 405nm (Blue-violet laser)
Disc diameter 120mm
Disc thickness 1.2mm
Cartridge size 128.6×130.6×9.1mm
Recording layer Phase change material
Track pitch 0.32μm
Erase/record/playback cycles 1,000 times or more
Playback cycles 1,000,000 times or more
Estimated shelf and archival life
(Presumption value by accelerated test)
50 years or more
Weight Cartridge: 88g / w/case: 190g
Weight (per carton)

Inner carton: 1,020g / Outer carton: 11kg

Per package 5 cartridges per inner carton / 50 cartridges per outer carton
  • In the case of two optical heads. The data transfer rate depends on capability of the equipment used.
Codec methodTransfer rateAudio channelsRecording time
Single layer
Dual layer
50Mbps 8ch Approx. 43 min. Approx. 95 min.
4ch Approx. 43 min. Approx. 95 min.
HQ mode
(Variable bit rate; max. 35Mbps)
4ch 65 min. 145 min.
2ch 68 min. 150 min.
SP mode
(Constant bit rate; 25Mbps)
4ch Approx. 85 min. Approx. 190 min.
2ch Approx. 90 min. Approx. 200 min.
LP mode
(Variable bit rate; max. 18Mbps)
4ch 112 min. 248 min.
2ch 122 min. 265 min.
SDDVCAM 25Mbps 4ch Approx. 85 min. Approx. 185 min.
MPEG IMX 50Mbps 8ch Approx. 45 min. Approx. 100 min.
40Mbps 8ch Approx. 55 min. Approx. 120 min.
30Mbps 8ch Approx. 68 min. Approx. 148 min.
  • When recording in HQ or LP mode, recording time may be longer than the figures specified above, depending on the actual bit rate used in VBR encoding.

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