(EOL) Inquiry about Data Storage

For inquiries about "Data Storage", please use the following email address.
email for inquiry

"Data Storage" products are no longer sold.

Please be sure to include Questions/Issues/Requests, the title of the email, your company name, department name, and name. The form is free.

The purpose of use and handling of the personal information of customers entrusted to us is described below. Please contact us after agreeing to the following.
1) Operator : Maxell, Ltd.
2) Privacy policy manager (Acting) : Maxell Privacy Policy Manager
3) Contact : Maxell's Personal Information Consultation Office
4) Purpose of Use : Personal information received will be used for the following purposes.
- Response to Inquiries, After-sales services, Accidents, Claims, etc.
5) Disclosure toThird Parties : Personal information you provide may be provided to Maxell Group companies and subcontractors when necessary to achieve the above purpose of use.
6) We will dispose of the personal information we have received after we have completed our response.

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