“Vibrage”is a window film with additive rear transmissive screen function by our technology to disperse light-diffusion fillers evenly in the adhesive layer.

Features of Vibrage

  • Achieving both clearer images when used as a projector & higher transparency when off-use than conventional products
  • Realizing wide viewing angle as well as high contrast
  • Capability to use with Ultra Short Throw projectors


Transparent Screen Film “Vibrage” - Features

Achieving both clearer images when used as a projector & higher transparency when off-use

Off projection Daytime
Off projection (Daytime)
Off projection Nighttime
Off projection (Nighttime)
On projection Nighttime
On projection (Nighttime)
On projection Nighttime


Example of contents (High Transparency)

By projecting an image with a black background, it is possible to create an effect in which only object appears to float in the window.

Recommended projectors:https://proj.maxell.co.jp/en/projector/index.html


Wide viewing angle projection provides clear images & letters even viewing from a side.

Wide viewing angle projection

Super fine and homogeneous image is provided even with ultra short throw projector. Ultra short throw projector enables space saving.

Ultra short throw projector installation (example)

Basic Specifications

Characteristics (Initial)
Thickness (*1) 84μm
Total light Transmittance 78%
Haze 17%
UV Transmittance <1%
Adhesive Force 5N / 25mm

* These figures are typical and not for guarantee.
* In addition to those figures, tint and projectivity might slightly vary by production lot.
*1 Excluding release film (PET)

Size of the Product

Width 1524mm
Length 5/20m
Adhesive layer Inner winding


Vibrage - Cautions for Use (for Installers or Users)

Please provide these cautions to a customer with your explanation.

Cautions for Use

After the installation is completed, please provide these cautions to a customer with your explanation.


Film Cleaning

If you notice a dust or dirt on the film surface and it spoils the projected images, please take the following cleaning procedures.

Vibrage Film Cleaning

(1)Use an atomizer to spray fresh water evenly over the whole film area and leave it more than 1 minute so that the dust or dirt may get wet enough.
If you do not leave it long enough, it might cause scratches on the surface when you wipe.

Vibrage Film Cleaning

(2)Use a water wiper made of rubber to wipe the water downwards from the top part of film.
* In case of a terrible dirt which can hardly be removed by fresh water, please use neutral detergent diluted to 1 - 5% of concentration for wetting and follow the procedures (1)&(2) and repeat these procedures ((1)&(2)) using fresh water.

Vibrage Film Cleaning

(3)Finally, please use a soft cloth to clean any water left on the film surface. Please be careful to remove water around the frame area so that it may not fall on the film.

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