“LE-Comfort” installed on the windowpane is high transparence heat barrier and insulation film which can show an energy saving efficiency throughout the year, including improvement not only for heat barrier in summer but also for heating efficiency in winter.

Features of LE-Comfort

  • Annual energy saving by solar heat shield in summer and Low-E performance in winter
  • High visible light transmission
  • More than 99.9% of UV cut
  • Low risk for glass thermal cracking (low heat absorption)
  • Scratch and flex resistance
  • Better reproductivity (removability)
  • Glass scattering protection (compliant with JIS A5759)
  • Verification test based on Japan Environmental Technology
    Verification program (verification No.051-1601)

Maxell Core Technology for “LE-Comfort”

Multi-Function Nano HC

Adhesive Function Control AFC

Basic Properties of “LE-Comfort”

Basic Properties
  • nominal value
  • Measurement based on JIS A 5759
  • Film installed on the float glass of 3mm thickness (FL3)
  • Measuring wavelength
    Solar radiation: 300~2500nm 
    Visible light radiation: 380~780nm
    UV radiation: 300~380nm


Product size

ItemThickness (μm)Web width (mm)Length (m)
LE-Comfort 78 1000 1250 1524 30


Cautions to use LE-Comfort

Cautions to use

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