Soler Bump Stencil, "Vella".


Stencil which has higher printing performance with smoother and flatter surface enables the precision bumping on PCB and wafers.

  1. The surface of aperture became even smoother so that it improved the paste flow greatly.
  2. Enables to print for the pitch 150µm and under.
Stencil size (Max.) 660mm × 540mm
Thickness 5µm - 90µm
Accuracy of thickness ≤5% of stencil thickness (pattern area) / with polishing processing
Accuracy of hole size ≤3µm (Squeezee size) / in the case of using Cr glass master
Accuracy of total pitch ≤15µm for 100mm / in the case of using glass master

Aperture part Expansion SEM photo

Aperture wall surface rough degree

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