Metal Foil Tapes

Product Lineup

Metal foil tapes

The applications of our metal foil tapes are related to industries of duct works, heat radiation, electric conductivity and electromagnetic shielding.

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Electrically conductive adhesive tape No5805 No5813 No5814 No5815
No8092 No8701 No8781 No8783 No8785
Aluminum tape No8010 No8060 No8063 No8065 No8070 No8071 No8073
No8110 No8160 No8162 No8166 No8167 No8170 No8171 No8172
Aluminum foil/Kraft paper tape No9800 No9807
Aluminum foil/Fiberglass tape No9810 No9812 No9817
Aluminum foil/PE film&mesh tape No9890 No9891
Stainless tape No8824
Thermal conductive heat diffusion tape No8175 No8176



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