Product Lineup


We provide tapes for fixing, heat radiation, shielding, insulation and etc., for the advanced digital equipment and the newest electronics fields.

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Thermally conductive adhesive tape No5065 No5066 No5067
Adhesive transfer tape No5080 No5081 No5082 No5083 No5085 No5087
Double coated nonwoven fabric tape No5460 No5486 No5487 No5490
Double coated PE foam tape No5542 No5544
Ultra-High adhesion double coated tape No5576 No5579
Double coated film tape No5621 NO5622 No5624 No5662 No5664 No5686
Electrically conductive adhesive tape No5805 No5813 No5814 No5815 No8092 No8701 No8781 No8783 No8785
Film tape No6201 No6227 No626001 No626050 No6272 No6280
Polyimide tape No6500 No6510
Thermal conductive heat diffusion tape No8175 No8176



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