Constroction and civil engineering

Product Lineup

Construction and civil engineering

We contribute to the construction and civil engineering by products for the safety, the efficiency, the low cost and the environmental conformability.

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Cloth masking tape No3324 No3372 No3430
Masking tape (Curing taoe) No3440 No3445 No3448 No3489
Super butyl tape(Single faced) No4420 No6120 No9241 No9244 No9290 No9830 No9836 No9940
Super butyl tape(Double faced) No5000 No5901 No5931 No5932 No5933 No5938 No5957 No5958 No5988
Doube coated cloth tape No5300 No5310 No5320 No5325
Double coated nonwoven fabric tape No5460 No5477
Double coated foam tape No5560 No5565 No5567
Double coated film tape No5620 No5640
Go-han Coat No6340
Aluminum tape

No8010 No8060 No8063 No8065 No8070 No8071 No8073
No8110 No8160 No8162 No8166 No8167 No8170 No8171 No8172

Aluminum foil/Kraft paper tape No9800 No9807
Aluminum foil/Fiberglass tape No9810 No9812 No9817
Aluminum foil/PE film&mesh tape No9890 No9891
Stainless tape No8824
Filament tape No9110
Reflective tape No9652



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